Cats with Shiny Objects

Mighty Mouse taught us that focus is key to competitive success.

Vision and change is also key to business growth. 

We must seek out and embrace new ideas, new ways of being, new markets and new opportunities.We must evolve and change to thrive.

So, how do we blend vision and focus?

The key is to identify and focus on those truly great ideas - focusing until we bring them to fruition in our business. That may sound easy, but all too often it's not. Why? Because new ideas and opportunities keep popping up. What's new is often more interesting and exciting. 

Companies are often like cats with shiny objects.


Ever watch a cat with lots of objects in motion around it?  Kitty will change her focus every second chasing that new and different thing. That's great for keeping kitty engaged and out of trouble, but it's not so good for business success.

That's not meant to be an insult by the way. I happen to be just such a cat. I see a problem and then next thing you know, I'm free associating all over the place to solve it. I bounce from one extreme to the other and everywhere in between, trying on new ideas and approaches until I find one that I know is right for my client. 

That's the key  - right there. 

We have to know when to settle on an approach and get focused.

Constantly chasing the next great thing is a big problem in many businesses. Sure, innovation is great.  But there's ALWAYS going to be some new shiny object. We can't drop our most recent focus to move to the next, and the next. We never get anywhere. We spin our wheels, waste time and money.

It's a delicate balancing act.

The key is to blend the curiosity of a cat exploring new ideas - and the discipline of Mighty Mouse, focusing once we set our course, to the exclusion of competitive and other distractions. Listening carefully for new ideas that fuel our current focus, expand it, evolve it - without distracting our overall efforts.

Focus implies a constant, vision an ever-changing horizon.  The ultimate? To blend the best of both worlds. It's not simple to balance between two seemingly diametrically opposed viewpoints. Yet is a critical factor in our business success.

If they can do it, We can do it!


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