It's All in Your Mind: The Power of NeuroBusiness

Rebel Brown

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  "Anyone who says there's a one-size-fits-all approach to strategy and positioning simply doesn't get it. Great positioning is as unique as the specific situation. Strategic positioning is as much an art as it is a science. And each and every situation offers a blank canvas." Learn How to create Positioning Stories that Touch your Audience It's Not About You Anymore ... (more)

Reading Between the Lines is for Dating

Looking at a friend of a friend's website. I spent 30 minutes and was still scratching my head about the value the biz provides. I found claims for improved performance, increased revenues and just plain super duper business results. Statistics and name dropping. Every popular buzzword right there on the Home Page for all to see. But I still didn't know what they did. I had to dive into the product pages. I wonder how many other visitors would spend the effort? The point of communicating with an audience is to share relevant information quickly and clearly. Forcing your audience t... (more)

Revenue's Down, Let's Fire Sales

I met with a former client to discuss his company's current business. He wanted to pick my brain on how to best approach their opportunity to transform themselves, to reinvent and re-tune. In response to their flat (and somewhat declining) revenue, they've cut back their company resources across the board - but they've specifically reduced headcount in sales.  That surprised me.  Why would you cut sales when you need to drive revenue?   Beyond the obvious opportunity to let go of the dead weight?  I asked some questions and here's what I learned: The company released the bottom ... (more)

The Ghost and Our Integrity

The topic of ghostwriting blogs and tweets is popping up everywhere.  I even saw a Tweet last week touting that a VA (Virtual Assistant) can write your company's blog. OMG! I can't believe we're even having this debate. Especially among those who claim to believe in integrity and honesty above all, who strive to create trusted relationships with our customers. So, answer this question for me. Do you trust someone who presents a piece of work as their own, when it's not? In some arenas we call that plagiarism, or even fraud. In school we called it cheating. Remember? You flunked ... (more)

Who Says We Have to Choose?

One of the status quo beliefs that drives me nuts is the idea that we have to make choices, limiting our options so that we can 'focus'.  We limit our market focus, our value associated with that focus and then stick to that narrow path no matter what. IMHO, that belief needs a bit of updating for today's world. Yes, we do need to focus. But focus doesn't mean we have to be oblivious to everything but our short-term single focus. That's a sure sentence to oblivion at some point in the future. Take target markets, for example. We can look at our short-term opportunities - a single... (more)