It's All in Your Mind: The Power of NeuroBusiness

Rebel Brown

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So many seem to expect continued failure these days; stuck in fear, focused on the negative. The economy is our scapegoat, and Eeyore's "Woe is Me" echoes resoundingly. Yet some businesses and people are thriving - in the middle of the same 'crisis'. So what's different for them? What do these thriving people and businesses see and do that everyone else can't seem to see or do? A lot of it comes down to attitude and beliefs. Yes, touchy feely stuff. But I do believe that how we perceive our world impacts our experience. My own life is enough proof for me. If we look around, we'll see lots of evidence. Find a growing business and you'll see a passion for creating the next opportunity. These teams consciously look for an upside, while everyone else focuses on sliding down the slippery slope. Find a successful person and you'll often meet a positive, focused individual ... (more)

Why Following a Standard Sales Process is Like Putting a Square Peg in a Round Hole

We’ve all been taught that standard sales processes are key to great sales.  Heck, over two plus decades of consulting, I’ve created hundreds of those standard sales approaches. I thought they were critical for my clients’ success. Today, I  understand why they just don’t work. Here’s what neuroscience taught me. Standard sales processes are designed to communicate the way we prefer to communicate, to share what we think is important, in the order and manner that we think works. We’re designing what we think works. Neuroscience has now proven that every human (aka every buyer) h... (more)

4 Ways to Shake Up Your Business Mind

The biggest threat to any business is our status quo thinking and behaviors. Highly successful professionals move beyond this mindware, shaking up their perspectives to drive breakout results. You can too. 4 Ways to Shake up Your Mind Every human on this planet is driven by our unconscious mindware. When we step out of the way we’ve always seen, heard, felt, thought about and done it – we step into a new level of vision, performance and results. So how we do we get out of our programmed, automated responses and into always-conscious decision making and action? Here are 4 tools tha... (more)

How Neuroscience Empowers HR and Leaders to Tackle Turnover

We all know that employee turnover is costly.  We lose valuable knowledge and skills even as we pay to recruit, hire and train replacements.  New estimates show that turnover results in costs that exceed 150% of the employee’s salary. That’s a big number in any business. Turnover results from  a resignation or a firing. In the former, we’re facing an employee who is disengaged, demotivated and dissatisfied enough to leave the business. All too often, “problem” employees are facing the same issues, demonstrated as poor productivity and results. Why Traditional Approaches Don’t Mat... (more)

3 Ways to Shift from Idle to Ideal

We’ve all heard that “idle minds are the devil’s workshop.” A recent discovery in neuroscience  demonstrated what happens with our idle minds. It looks like the old saying is, well, kinda true. Here’s the quick scoop: In a study at the University of Virginia, subjects were placed alone in rooms and told to sit still and do nothing but think – for a time ranging from  6 to 15 minutes. Simple right? Prior to the idle time, they were each given a mild electric shock, then told they could shock themselves during their idle time if they wanted. By the way, the subjects all said they’d... (more)