It's All in Your Mind: The Power of NeuroBusiness

Rebel Brown

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I’m not talking about technology or industry specific buzzwords. I’m talking about marketing buzzwords – that cross every industry and market.  Words like biggest, fastest, cheapest, newest, most reliable, most secure, most efficient, market leading, world-class, new and improved, leading edge. OMG. Three adjectives and a noun are not a value proposition. I used a Random Positioning Generator with my clients for years.  As a joke. It contained four columns of words. The first three included ’chest thumping’ marketing buzzwords The fourth included relevant nouns. My schtick was to select a word from each column and create a positioning claim.  I’d have a competitor’s claim that matched that statement in my back pocket. (Yes, I planned them ahead of time.) My client’s yukked it up as we played.  Until their value statement popped up among the combos. They’d laugh, bu... (more)

Drama Sells, Even When its BULLoney!

The great minds of Apple gave us innovation today. Thanks to the iPad, I can access anything I want on the web, watch  videos, write a blog post, create a presentation, run a spreadsheet,  read my book or magazine and email as I like.  I can carry one small iPad onto the plane or in the car and do everything I need to do.  Wow -I just lost ten pounds of luggage!  Too bad some smaller minds had to show up at the party. As soon as Steve said the name 'iPad' - they started attacking.  'Bad name' screamed the cynics.  'iMaxi' or 'iTampon' joked these brilliant gurus.    You have to be... (more)

Doing and the New Economy

A crisp, well-defined goal helps us focus our doing. With a specific goal in sight, we can leverage all of our actions into a coordinated effort. Each step of doing becomes a building block for reaching our ultimate goal. We're more efficient, we get more done and we're more successful. ... (more)

3 Steps to Stop Taking Things Personally

We are all wired to  take things personally.  We experience this mindware program every day. Your boss is discussing a problem in your team, when  your internal voice asks, “Is he talking about me?  What did I do?”  Or perhaps you overhear a nasty conversation in the office and wonder if the person they’re speaking about is you? We’ve all been there…..in business and at home. Welcome to the personal nature of our unconscious mind. To our unconscious, everything is about us. That’s partially because of our embedded program to constantly watch for a threat – which translate to eve... (more)

4 Ways to Shake Up Your Business Mind

The biggest threat to any business is our status quo thinking and behaviors. Highly successful professionals move beyond this mindware, shaking up their perspectives to drive breakout results. You can too. 4 Ways to Shake up Your Mind Every human on this planet is driven by our unconscious mindware. When we step out of the way we’ve always seen, heard, felt, thought about and done it – we step into a new level of vision, performance and results. So how we do we get out of our programmed, automated responses and into always-conscious decision making and action? Here are 4 tools tha... (more)