It's All in Your Mind: The Power of Neuroscience in Business and Life

Rebel Brown

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One of my first CEO clients - a leader in the early days of the Search industry - gave me a great piece of advice about the competition.  I still follow it. "If you pay too much attention to the competition - you'll always end up following them." At the time I actually think I thought he was nuts. After all, as a young idealistic marketing consultant, competitive analysis was one of those B school standards near and dear to my heart. Now, some twenty something years later, I see how brilliant he was. Companies have to think for themselves, not like their competitors. I'm not saying that you have to ignore your competition. That'd be kinda silly, now wouldn't it. What I am saying is that companies have to stop focusing on what their competition is doing as the baseline for defining their future direction. Following the competition's lead won't help you be a leader. ... (more)

Keep Your Eye on the Revenue

Do you think your market launch is 'final' once you drop the press release announcing your new product or company'? Wrong. Great launches continue for weeks or months after the press release. I usually have a minimum of a six month post-launch plan for any client, sometimes longer than that. You're probably thinking, "Once it's public, it's public. What's left to do?" First, let's reframe the meaning of launches.  Launches have one goal - revenue. Getting all those press clippings won't pay your salary. Launch momentum must continue far past the press release to power revenues.. Y... (more)

Accentuate the Positive!

I decided to go looking for signs of positive sales and marketing amid the SuperFUD we discussed yesterday. I hopped out to some high-tech websites, a traditional FUD bastion. I have to admit I was surprised to find a positive and upbeat focus. Leaders in PC's, a tough industry, are positive.  HP is helping kids to 'Study Hard and Learn Big'. 'Designed with You in Mind' is a core theme of Dell's enterprise business - that carries over to kids and other users as well.  Positive customer upside, no fear in sight. There IS hope out there! I took a look at IBM. More positive and uplif... (more)

Too Many Balls

We've all been taught to keep our eye on the ball, right? And we all are praised for juggling lots of balls at the same But what if keeping our eye on all those balls is limiting our potential? A friend of mine was talking to me about her business. She's so busy she can't see straight as she's heads-down creating marketing messaging and content for a number of clients. She's working every day and she's exhausted. Her goal is to do the brain work for clients, to share her expertise and knowledge by training folks to do for themselves. But somehow the Gravity of "Focus on customer s... (more)

Big Data, Quantum Theory and Your Unconscious Mind

Every two days we create a quantity of information equal to the volume of information created between the dawn of civilization all the way to 2003. WOW. But even the largest data warehouse can't match the biggest data in our world. That data is happening right there inside you. It's called your unconscious mind. In a single day the average person is exposed to the same amount of information as a person in the 15th century was exposed to in a lifetime. In the first day of life, a baby receives a volume of information equivalent to 70 times the information housed in the Library o... (more)