It's All in Your Mind: The Power of Neuroscience in Business and Life

Rebel Brown

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The biggest threat to any business is our status quo thinking and behaviors. Highly successful professionals move beyond this mindware, shaking up their perspectives to drive breakout results. You can too. 4 Ways to Shake up Your Mind Every human on this planet is driven by our unconscious mindware. When we step out of the way we’ve always seen, heard, felt, thought about and done it – we step into a new level of vision, performance and results. So how we do we get out of our programmed, automated responses and into always-conscious decision making and action? Here are 4 tools that will move your mind and shake up your thinking. Consciously seek a different way. We humans are innately wired to find a way that works and then repeat, repeat, repeat. Yes, we will slightly adapt the original way as we learn new things. But we are not fundamentally wired to look for the ... (more)

Five Keys to an Awesome M&A

In the interest of balance, today I'm waxing on about the awesome opportunities presented by M&As - and some of the lessons I've learned along the way to help things go a bit more smoothly. M&As are one of the most powerful opportunities for a Phoenix to rise; stronger, brighter, ready to soar into a leadership. After all, you're bringing two companies together who presumably have complementary skill-sets, products, market knowledge and customer bases. What could be MORE exciting?  Instead of investing time and dollars to build these assets  - we have the opportunity to blend the... (more)

Keep Your Eye on the Revenue

Do you think your market launch is 'final' once you drop the press release announcing your new product or company'? Wrong. Great launches continue for weeks or months after the press release. I usually have a minimum of a six month post-launch plan for any client, sometimes longer than that. You're probably thinking, "Once it's public, it's public. What's left to do?" First, let's reframe the meaning of launches.  Launches have one goal - revenue. Getting all those press clippings won't pay your salary. Launch momentum must continue far past the press release to power revenues.. Y... (more)

Use eMarketing to Change Your Marketing Game

eMarketing is a powerful revenue tool - for marketing and sales. No one knows that better than Ardath Albee, author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale. In her newly released book, Ardath gives every B2B marketer the tips, tricks and tools they need to create eMarketing approaches that power prospects from initial engagement til they cross the revenue line. Today's B2B marketers have more opportunity to positively impact sales revenue than ever before. Thanks to Web 2.0 we can attract prospects, begin our customer relationship, inform and entice qualified buyers - withou... (more)

The Power of Trust

So, how's this for ultimate trust? I imagine a few cynics out there see a little dog with a death wish. Others may see proof that curiosity really will kill the cat, er pup.I see the power of trust in action. The power to defy even the most basic of instincts - self preservation. The power to change the game. When we trust in ourselves, we go bravely into new situations. Self trust is the fuel that powers us to explore new worlds, test new theories, expand our horizons.  When we trust ourselves, we have the courage to move beyond the known and safe. We move beyond our past and r... (more)