It's All in Your Mind: The Power of Neuroscience in Business and Life

Rebel Brown

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Remember your Mom's response to that justification? If your folks were like mine, it probably went something along the lines of "So does that mean you'd jump off a cliff just because the other guy did?" Business is no different - or at least it shouldn't be. Market leadership is not about being just like everyone else.  Leadership is about defining (or clarifying) who and what our companies are, what value we bring and why that matters. It's about doing things that are special for our customers. Market leadership is about being unique. We've all read book after book about the ingredients of leadership, listened to the consultants tell us how to be leader, even claimed to find our leadership path.  Yet how many of us are conscious leaders, rather than subconscious followers? Take our obsession with the competition. We point toward a competitive loss and proclaim that... (more)

The Power of the Plan, or Why We Crashed and Burned

Picture this. A big company has one last chance to rise from a serious downturn. But the company has lots going for it. An unbelievably loyal customer and market following, A game changing innovation, A significant demand for exactly that innovation, A bit of money to back it. I watched customer after customer 'light up' as we told our story. We relaunched the company around that game changing solution to widely acclaimed success. In all my years I've never seen customers react so consistently, so passionately. It was the proverbial slam dunk. Within a month of the relaunch, the... (more)

If you Can't Say Something Nice, SHHH, Say Nothing!

So says the wise Thumper. Who's Thumper?   Ah come on, you remember Thumper.  Bambi's rabbit friend and spiritual guru?  He sang the greatest little song. "If you can't say something nice, Shhh, say nothing. Take a bit of good advice, shhhh, say nothing.Think of friendly things to say, that's the path to follow.  When you think an unkind thought, button your lips and swallow."  I loved it as a kid. It's still great advice - personally and professionally.  I make Thumper's song a set rule when speaking about the competition.  No matter what the question, or comment – I simply r... (more)

Evolve and Thrive

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ~Stephen Hawking Embracing change is a key to business and personal growth. With change comes opportunity for distinction and value, new markets and new life. Without change we stagnate. We all know that change is a given. It’s pretty obvious. Five years ago no one had heard of a Wii. Phones were still separate from MP3 players.  The idea of selling over the web was a joke only a decade ago – no more. We do change in our businesses.  We re-position our brands, enhance our products, modernize our facilities, invest in systems and staff ... (more)

Too Many Balls

We've all been taught to keep our eye on the ball, right? And we all are praised for juggling lots of balls at the same But what if keeping our eye on all those balls is limiting our potential? A friend of mine was talking to me about her business. She's so busy she can't see straight as she's heads-down creating marketing messaging and content for a number of clients. She's working every day and she's exhausted. Her goal is to do the brain work for clients, to share her expertise and knowledge by training folks to do for themselves. But somehow the Gravity of "Focus on customer s... (more)