It's All in Your Mind: The Power of NeuroBusiness

Rebel Brown

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It's time for the monthly ClickInsights' Expert Interview Series  - focusing on sharing tips ' n tricks for B2B marketers. This month's focus is on leveraging social media, certainly a timely and much discussed topic! Read the post by B2B marketers including Ardath Albee, Brian Carroll, Patsi Krakoff, M. H. (Mac) McIntosh, Maria Pergolino, Seamus Walsh and yours truly by clicking here:   ClickInsights' Expert Interview Series   ... (more)

When the Plan Overrides Good Business Sense

Picture this. A big company has one last chance to rise from a serious downturn. But the company has lots going for it. An unbelievably loyal customer and market following, A game changing innovation, A significant demand for exactly that innovation, A bit of money to back it. I watched customer after customer 'light up' as we told our story. We relaunched the company around that game changing solution to widely acclaimed success. In all my years I've never seen customers react so passionately. It was the proverbial Slam Dunk. Within a month of the relaunch, there was $60+M of q... (more)

Reading Between the Lines is for Dating

Looking at a friend of a friend's website. I spent 30 minutes and was still scratching my head about the value the biz provides. I found claims for improved performance, increased revenues and just plain super duper business results. Statistics and name dropping. Every popular buzzword right there on the Home Page for all to see. But I still didn't know what they did. I had to dive into the product pages. I wonder how many other visitors would spend the effort? The point of communicating with an audience is to share relevant information quickly and clearly. Forcing your audience t... (more)

Revenue's Down, Let's Fire Sales

I met with a former client to discuss his company's current business. He wanted to pick my brain on how to best approach their opportunity to transform themselves, to reinvent and re-tune. In response to their flat (and somewhat declining) revenue, they've cut back their company resources across the board - but they've specifically reduced headcount in sales.  That surprised me.  Why would you cut sales when you need to drive revenue?   Beyond the obvious opportunity to let go of the dead weight?  I asked some questions and here's what I learned: The company released the bottom ... (more)

Right and Wrong in the Eyes of the Beholder

Have Right and Wrong become a subjective decision? Not so long ago  we had a clear and consistent value system. Today we ebb and flow based on the situation and those involved. What's OK for one business executive may not be ethical in another executive's eyes. That makes for an interesting playing field, doesn't it? How can we stay in our own ethics and yet hope to compete when others can change the rules based on their own personal opinions? For example, when one company sees predatory pricing as 'just part of the game' and another views it as ' not acceptable' - who gets the ad... (more)