It's All in Your Mind: The Power of NeuroBusiness

Rebel Brown

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It's time for the monthly ClickInsights' Expert Interview Series  - focusing on sharing tips ' n tricks for B2B marketers. This month's focus is on leveraging social media, certainly a timely and much discussed topic! Read the post by B2B marketers including Ardath Albee, Brian Carroll, Patsi Krakoff, M. H. (Mac) McIntosh, Maria Pergolino, Seamus Walsh and yours truly by clicking here:   ClickInsights' Expert Interview Series   ... (more)

Is Fear Really the Great Motivator?

I saw an article in BNET last week that just plain ticked me off. To Sell More, Scare your Customers Spitless also sparked a little Twitter debate when I ranted about it. I was a bit surprised by a few Tweets declaring FUD as an accepted sales tactic and fear as a great motivator. I sold mainframes against IBM in my formative 20's. I cut my teeth on FUD. I won deals against it, and I didn't use FUD to do it. But that's another post:) The BNET article went way beyond FUD in promoting Provocative Selling. The fundamental premises are similar to the way many of us have sold/marketed... (more)

Do You See Crisis or Opportunity?

So many seem to expect continued failure these days; stuck in fear, focused on the negative. The economy is our scapegoat, and Eeyore's "Woe is Me" echoes resoundingly. Yet some businesses and people are thriving - in the middle of the same 'crisis'. So what's different for them? What do these thriving people and businesses see and do that everyone else can't seem to see or do? A lot of it comes down to attitude and beliefs. Yes, touchy feely stuff. But I do believe that how we perceive our world impacts our experience. My own life is enough proof for me. If we look around, we'l... (more)

Is Fear Really the Great Motivator?

12.00 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A recent article based on the Provocative Selling approach focused on scaring our customers spitless as the key to successful selling. The fundamental premises are similar to the way many of us have sold/marketed for decades. Solve a problem for, or offer an opportunity to, your customers. In the case of Provocative Selling - it's focused on pointing out a problem. Unfortunately this revamp takes a turn to the dark side. The strong implication is that to sell more in this tough economic time, we need ... (more)

Internal Competition is Just Plain Silly

We’ve all known leaders who think that pitting individuals or teams inside the organization against each other is clever and productive. I’ve always thought this was just plain silly. The competition is outside the walls of our  business. That’s why they’re called the competition! Team competitions within organizations are just plain dangerous: Such competitions create divisions that set the stage for infighting instead of innovation and market success.Once we focus our unconscious minds on a ‘fight” –  that’s just what we get. Internally.  Turf and/or fight-or-flight response ta... (more)