It's All in Your Mind: The Power of Neuroscience in Business and Life

Rebel Brown

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The older I grow the more I realize how many people I have trained to take advantage of me. In some cases I’ve consciously seen the abuse and disrespect, even as I’ve gone back for more, and more, and more. It was like I’m magnetically pulled to these folks - in business and in my personal life. For decades I couldn’t understand why I let clients take advantage of me - working me way harder than anyone else and paying me less. The same went for supposed friends in my life who, in reality, were little more than users. They took and took from me when they needed me, then cast me aside like I was yesterday’s coffee when they no longer needed me or my generosity. Yet back I went for more. Seeking Worthiness I realize now that it’s all part of the pattern we create in our unconscious minds as abused kids or adults. Our abusers tell us we’ll never be good enough, never ... (more)

Do You See Crisis or Opportunity?

So many seem to expect continued failure these days; stuck in fear, focused on the negative. The economy is our scapegoat, and Eeyore's "Woe is Me" echoes resoundingly. Yet some businesses and people are thriving - in the middle of the same 'crisis'. So what's different for them? What do these thriving people and businesses see and do that everyone else can't seem to see or do? A lot of it comes down to attitude and beliefs. Yes, touchy feely stuff. But I do believe that how we perceive our world impacts our experience. My own life is enough proof for me. If we look around, we'l... (more)

Does Integrity Matter in Social Media?

My post on Fakers in Social Media triggered a number of private and public conversations. The Cliff Notes version of the comments and points made in favor of the faking followers goes something like this. This is only social media. Everyone fakes it.  We're all out here to promote ourselves and we all know it's the wild west out here. I had to look big to get business. Social media is our business. To sell our services and ourselves - we have to have massive follower counts. Otherwise we won't be hired as experts. I need to monetize myself. I spend all my time out here on social ... (more)

It's Not About You Anymore

  "Anyone who says there's a one-size-fits-all approach to strategy and positioning simply doesn't get it. Great positioning is as unique as the specific situation. Strategic positioning is as much an art as it is a science. And each and every situation offers a blank canvas." Learn How to create Positioning Stories that Touch your Audience It's Not About You Anymore ... (more)

So You Want to Be a Consultant

I’ve been consulting successfully for over 20 years now. That makes me an old-timer in many folks’ perceptions. Friends and associates often come to me for advice on how to start their own consulting business – mostly around how to position themselves as an expert in the market. Here’s the advice I give: Focus. The first inclination for any new consultant is to try to ‘do it all’. After all, you’ve dabbled in a number of different aspects of your field, right? Wrong. In my experience, the best way to be successful is to focus first on a narrow set of skills and areas where you ca... (more)